Offering a unique blend of experience in digital project coördination, community management and content research. My objective is to partner with an international company which will benefit from my enthusiasm for digital media and my deep interest in social interaction and brand positioning within art, music and fashion.

Bonus*: Ability to demonstrate technical knowledge in digital media which comes from working closely with different types of developers and UX (interactive) designers ...should you need one more person for a Music Quiz-night, please contact me!


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Born in Athens, during a Woody Allen movie at a cinema called Paris. Grew up in the only house with a garden in the heart of an urban jungle. Spent most of my childhood eating watermelon under the sun and teen years listening to the radio...graduate of the American College of Greece, currently living in Amsterdam because I cannot get enough of the wind and rain! Athenian story-teller, avid concert-goer, dedicated retro-lover, unorthodox cook, unstoppable talk-machine. Bring your own chair.