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Type: Mobile Application
Client: Amsterdam Worldwide / Olmeca Tequila
Role: Project Management, Community Management


Introducing NightTag - The Social Music App

NightTag lets your friends know where you are, what you're doing, and what you're listening to. It gives you club listings* and, if you're not going out, brings the music to you through a selection of live radio streams. NightTag let's you share your night through Facebook.
*in selected regions.

Introducing NightTag, the Social Music App.

When you’re in a club, at a gig, in a bar or at a festival and want to share the moment – NightTag it. At the touch of a button NightTag lets your friends know where you are through geolocation, shares a photo, and what you’re listening to using automatic music recognition – all in one Facebook post.

NightTag lets you share your night with your friends, instantly.

- Share and document your night out on Facebook, with just one touch
- Your photo, your location and what you’re listening to all in one Facebook post
- Free unlimited music recognition
- Listen to streaming music from online radio stations around the world
- See events listings (not all regions)
- Relive your best moments by listening to the track that was playing when you took the photo – any time you want
- Check out friends’ NightTags on Facebook – comment, share and like them, the same as any other posts
- The first music recognition app that integrates with Facebook Timeline

Tip: Works best with iPhone4S and lots of volume!

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